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Lyon County, Iowa  


Unpaid Court Fines


•Pay Court Fines


                           •Mail or In Person

                                                    •CAPP (License Reinstatement Program)

                      •Vehicle Registration Holds

                                                       •Deferred Judgment/Probation Discharge

     •Contempt of Court

                                                                                                 •Other Issues

                                                  •Substance Abuse Evaluation

                                                  •Drinking and Driving Course


When you are sentenced in a criminal or traffic case the court may order you to pay a fine, civil penalty, various surcharges, court costs and victim restitution.  You may be ordered to pay the full amount all at once.  These plans are court orders and you must comply with them.


If you fail to comply with a court-ordered pay plan:


         •You may be subject to probation revocation proceedings.

         •You may be subject to contempt of court (or show cause) proceedings.

         •Your case will be assigned to a third party debt collector for collections. A surcharge of 25% of the  

            balance due is added if this happens.

         •Your Iowa income tax refund may be applied to the outstanding balances you owe to the court.


Failure to pay certain fines will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.


Failure to pay any fine will result in a hold on your ability to register a motor vehicle.


Setting up a pay plan with the County Attorney may help resolve these issues.